Dr. Flitman, Xen Institute's President and Director of Research, founded the not for profit organization to address inadequacies in healthcare in the United States.

He has identified three areas, Research, Advocacy and Education.

Research: Dr. Flitman has worked with the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world and has witnessed that pharmaceuticals are run as businesses whose survival depends on making safe bets and choosing drugs that will get the fastest regulatory approval. Currently Dr. Flitman is focusing Xen on the testing of FDA drugs to treat Frontal Lobe Injury. Many drugs developed for Alzheimer’s disease show promise. With proper funding and support from industry, government and private citizens, these drugs can be tested and, if shown useful, brought to market very quickly. (more information in the Research Section)

Advocacy: Running a neurological practice that has seen over INSERT NUMBER HERE patients, Dr. Flitman often has to spend time in conversations with HMO's and Medicare - trying despearately to get approval for vital treatments. Too often these are not approved and patients suffer. By gathering voices within the medical field and private citizens, Xen will strive to forward patient's rights. Currently Dr. Flitman is focusing Xen on getting medicare funding of the APOE test (more information in the Advocacy Section)

Education: Being struck by a neurological disorder is bad enough, but when patients and their familes have to deal with an uninformed public or the legal system, the suffering can be compounded. Dr. Flitman has organized several well attended symposiums and spoken and many others across the country. Through Xen he hopes to expand education via the internet, video and public appearances, to make neurological disease, and treatments, better understood by those outside the medical field.

XEN stands for Xenoscience Endeavors in Neurology, and is an outgrowth of efforts by Xenoscience, an Arizona corporation, to support neurological research in its clinical division, 21st Century Neurology, the Phoenix private practice of Dr. Stephen Flitman. As our President and Director for Research, Dr. Flitman brings over ten years of experience caring for patients with disorders that have resisted conventional therapies, including Alzheimer’s disease, head injuries, atypical pain syndromes, and refractory migraine, but also rare and orphan diseases with little commercial interest due to the small numbers of patients who have them.

Dr. Fllitman has run over 50 clinical trials putting him in the top 5% of investigators of physicians who do clinical resarch in the country.

Contact Information

Stephen S. Flitman, MD
Director of Research
3100 North Third Ave Suite 100
Phoenix, Arizona 85013
(602) 265-6500
fax (602) 265-6586